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Wool Studio: Our All-Time Favorites

Do you have an all-time favorite pattern? I have favorite designers, yarn, and tools, but I’ve never given a lot of thought to my favorite patterns. When I started thinking about this post, I was a little at a loss. Is my favorite pattern the one I’m working on? If I’m honest, not always. There are some patterns that are not super fun to knit, but they are really great to wear. For me, those are usually the cotton or linen projects. But that has more to do with the yarn than the pattern, I guess. See what I mean? There’s a lot to think about.

A few of us Interweavers went through every issue of Wool Studio in order to find our favorite project. That’s a lot of amazing patterns to consider! I ended up choosing one that I haven’t knit yet, Bristol Ivy’s Hyannis Port Pullover from Wool Studio Vol. I. It jumped out at me at the beginning of my perusal, and by the time I had finished looking at all eight volumes (what a chore that was—wink, wink), it was still at the top of my list.

What first caught my eye was the sporty, casual style; it has a collegiate look to it—in fact, this would be a great project for school colors.

I’ve taken a few classes from Bristol, and I really admire her aesthetic and approach to knitting and design. She always has a few tricks up her sleeve! The ingenious construction is the star here. From the pattern:

“This sweater is worked in sections. First the sleeves are worked in the round to the underarm and set aside. The back curved hem piece is worked and bound off. Front stitches are picked up from each end of back piece, with extra stitches cast on at center front, then the lower body is joined in the round by working the front wedge in short-rows. The rest of the lower body and yoke is worked upwards with raglan shaping. The neckband and hem are added during finishing.”

Seems like a round-about way to knit a sweater, but I just love the result, not to mention the sleek addition of a second color. It seems like it would be slimming, too. I just printed out the pattern—now to find the perfect DK-weight yarn! That should be easy …

Laura’s Choice: The Frederick Cardigan

I love a slouchy, oversized cardigan in a nice sheepy yarn, and the Frederick Cardigan from Wool Studio Vol. III is all that and more. Designer Michelle Wang uses classic diamond cables with a few extra twists to make an unexpected stitch pattern, and the natural-colored wool yarn makes it a very traditional sweater. It’s a timeless and cozy cardigan!