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Summer Chic: 5 Knitted Tanks for Summer

Many people, myself included, sometimes imagine knitting to be a fall and winter hobby. Cloistered away in her house during the colder months of the year, the knitter takes out a skein of thick, wool yarn and begins work on a heavily cabled sweater. The fire crackles in the hearth beside her, and snow falls in drifts outside.

Okay, okay, perhaps my vision is pretty romanticized. However, there’s nothing saying that knitting must be restricted to the colder months of the year, and there are many patterns that are geared towards heat. We strive in every summer issue of Interweave Knits and knitscene to provide beautiful garments that are perfect for warmer weather. And what better summer knit is there than the humble tank top.

Tank tops have become a go-to staple of my wardrobe, not the least because they can be dressed up or down as the occasion needs. If you’re looking to add some tank tops to your own style, but you aren’t quite sure where to start, we have a delightful collection of summer knits for you. Our 5 Favorite Knitted Tops for Summer can provide the ideal starting place for novice and advanced knitters alike.

Kingston Tank

The light and lovely Kingston Tank, from Interweave Knits Summer 2016 , was designed by Margaret Holzman to be the perfect summer knit. The delightful openwork lace at the sides, neckline, and back make this top extremely breathable. Additionally, this project gives you the opportunity to master nupps, which are a defining feature of Estonian lace! Knit it in a cotton or linen to keep this piece extra airy.

Naiad Tank

Named after the Greek naiads, who were the spirits of bodies of water, the Naiad Tank by designer Meghan Jones is a simple, elegant project. This tank is perfect for colorful yarn, as the unpretentious shape lends itself to showing off myriad colors. A line of garter stitches that runs from the hem to the shoulder of the tank is later picked up and worked to create beautiful, fin-like lace from the shoulders down the front and back. You can’t get much dreamier than this!

Rosulate Tank

Get ready for a relaxing day in the garden with the Rosulate Tank. This darling layering piece was designed by Heather Zoppetti for knitscene Summer 2016. The ruffle which runs down the button band of this tank is mirrored in the zigzag slip-stitch pattern used on the rest of the body. You can wear this over a sophisticated summer dress or a pair of capris for a more laid-back look. This piece would be perfect in a cotton/wool or linen/wool blend which would let it shine throughout the warmer months.

Roped Shell

The Roped Shell tank from Interweave Knits Summer 2008 is a showstopper piece that combines delicacy and opulence into one piece. Designer Angela Hahn uses a slip-stitch box pattern which forces the horizontal stripes to curve at their edges slightly, creating a rippling effect. This delicate pattern is counterbalanced by the use of thick cables at the hems and neckline. A perfect chance to explore color in your knitting, this piece is knit in 100 percent silk yarn, making it deliciously smooth and comfortable for warmer weather. Pair with a dark wash jean or pencil skirt for a sophisticated look!

Folded Lace Tank

The Folded Lace Tank from knit.wear Spring/Summer 2014 reminds me of nothing so much as a dainty house finch, perched in a willow tree with wings folded gracefully. This darling tee has a wearable, modern shape, whilst harkening to classical structures. Knit in the round from the bottom up, the lacy folds create an A-line silhouette that’s flattering on anyone. The tank is knit in a blend of alpaca and pima cotton, making it an ideal transition piece from spring to summer.

This has been such a strange summer: the activities I would normally be engaging in are on hold due to the current pandemic. New activities are popping up to take their place, however, and it’s been refreshing to explore old hobbies in fresh ways. Knitting more garments is one of these. Do have any hobbies you’ve rekindled this summer? Let us know in the comments!