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Michele Wang’s World of Beauty

We know Michele Wang best as a fabulous knitting designer, in fact, we so admired her work that we devoted an entire issue of Wool Studio to her designs.

In a recent post, a few of us picked our all-time favorite designs from Wool Studio, and Laura picked Michele’s masterpiece, the Frederick Cardigan. As I was looking through Michele’s issue, there were many appealing projects: cable designs that are so wearable, wonderfully woolly accessories, and a couple of workaday pullovers. It’s a stellar collection.

I decided to check in on Michele to see what she’s been doing. To my surprise, she’s been focusing on more than knitting—she’s become a beauty influencer. Her YouTube channel and Instagram feeds are devoted to her passions of skin care, makeup, and yes, knitting.

I enjoy a bit of makeup, especially as I get older, but I don’t wear it regularly. I do however, take care of my skin religiously. I have a regimen that I use morning and night, and my skin is better for it. So, I took a gander at Michele’s YouTube channel and Instagram feed, and I instantly went down the rabbit hole. So many cool things to look at!

And then, because I admit to developing a mild obsession with Michele (dare I say she influenced me?), I went down another rabbit hole, into her rich history with Interweave.

The Virginie Pullover, the Chevron Cardigan and the Diamond Funnelneck are three of Michele’s most popular patterns, so we put them together in a pattern collection. I’m so glad these are all available in one download, because I can’t choose which one I like the most.

They’re decidedly different: Virginie is a simple silhouette with a tiny bit of detail at the neckline, the Diamond Funnelneck is high style personified, and the Chevron Cardigan is a grampa sweater with a feminine twist. I guess if I were forced to choose, I would cast on the Funnelneck. It’s different than anything I have, and I love the stitch pattern.

I discovered another one gem, too, the Rodin Cardigan, which Michele designed for Interweave Knits Fall 2016.