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Knitting Socks: There’s No Excuse Not To

It’s no secret that I’m a hardcore sock knitter and think knitting socks is the best thing ever. However, not everyone is on the sock bandwagon with me—YET. I am determined to convert as many people to knitting socks as possible. I’m especially focused on knitters who are already eyeing the bandwagon but haven’t fully hopped on. For one reason or another, they have questions and concerns and aren’t certain sock knitting is for them. These folks tend to fall into one of these three categories:

1. The New Sock Knitter

Are you interested in knitting socks, but intimidated by shaping toes, turning heels, and teeny-tiny needles? Fear not, young sockwalker! All of these things are easier than you think. Socks are mostly just knitting in the round with a few interesting sections that you’ll master in no time. Also, there are no rules that say socks must be made in super fine yarn. Try making your first pair in a worsted-weight yarn to get the basics under your belt, then go wild with all the awesome sock yarns out there. Come to the sock side—we have warm feet!

The Simple Camping Socks are made in worsted-weight yarn and have a simple toe that doesn’t require grafting—they’re great first socks!

2. The Troubled Sock Knitter

Do you enjoy knitting socks, but find that actually putting them on your feet and wearing them can be a challenge? I mean this literally; my first few pairs of socks were hard to get over my heel. It turns out I have a high instep, which means I need a little more height through that part of my socks. Once I learned how to fix this (make the gusset deeper), I was much happier with my socks. If you’re having sock fit issues, you’re not alone! The good news is you are an awesome knitter in control of your knitting. You can make socks that fit your feet perfectly without any compromises. 

With a little knitting know-how, you’ll have a pair of go-to socks in no time at all!

3. The Jaded Sock Knitter

Have you made all the socks ever and can’t find anything to pique your interest? Do you like handmade socks, but think making them is boring? Clearly you need a sock challenge. There are a gazillion ways to knit a sock. If you’re over “normal” socks, try a new kind of sole or intarsia in the round. If that’s not exciting enough for you, rest assured that there are even more complicated socks for you to try. If you want to knit unusual socks that make you think, there is a pattern out there for you.

The Cube Socks use an ingenious method for working intarsia in the round.