Clean Cup

I feel lists coming on

It’s been hard to get started lately, and hard to keep interested, making it all around hard to finish things.  I’ve gotten myself into a spot where the stuff (the literal, actual stuff) has reached overwhelming, which means it’s time to purge a bit.  Of course, it’s not really a convenient time of year for that what with daylight hours at home becoming scarce and getting scarce-r daily (is scarcer a word?  My autocorrect isn’t fussing at me, but I don’t really trust it), but I know that if I slog through the sorting and re-organizing and discarding I will feel better– both because there will be less stuff, and because I will have started and middled and finished a thing.

So, it’s a goal.  Or an item on my to do list, a note to self.  And, it starts one fifteen minute chunk at a time… I just have to figure out which corner to tackle first, since right now it feels like a preciously balanced pile of irregular shapes that will all come toppling down when I mess when any single small bit.

Lists come into this because organizing is also about tidy columns and spreadsheets in my world.  At work, actually, I’m working on a supply database with QRC codes so that my teachers can scan the code and send me an email that either says “We’re out of this thing” or “We broke this thing,” as well as searching digitally for an item before re-buying it (we do an absurd amount of over-purchasing for an educational institution).  For my personal stash o’ fiber objects I don’t need to send an email, but I do like the idea of QRC’d bins… Hmm. 

In the meantime, here’s a picture of some fiber off my wheel.  It was a disaster from start to finish– I was fighting the wheel, fighting the fiber, and it didn’t turn into what I wanted it to; in all likelihood I won’t hate the skein as much in a few weeks, right now I’d burn it happily… except wool doesn’t burn.