Clean Cup

Better and worse

So my collection of on-the-needles isn’t nearly as out of control as I’d feared, I think because I somehow conflated casting on and thinking about casting on.  I do have quite a few skeins of sock yarn wound into cakes to make casting on easier, but most didn’t actually make the leap to needles.

Pardon the photo quality/busy backgrounds– I need to adjust my photo-taking schedule to account for the time change still.

In other news I finished spinning the four ounces I’d put on my wheel after the over-twisted mess week before last.  It was a really beautiful blend of merino/bamboo/silk from Miss Babs that I completely mangled… My over-twisting issues are getting worse, and the resulting skein is a ropey, dense embarrassment.  

My current plan involves stepping away from the wheel(s) and returning to spindles for a little while to see if I can find a better twist balance that way; someone on Ravelry also suggested something bulky with low and slow twist next on the wheel, and that sounds like it could be good too.  I wish I knew what was going on with my hands and feet!